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A splash of blog posts, from my feed reader this week to you.

Ken Levine, who wrote for the TV shows Cheers and M*A*S*H and others, tells a fun story about how the tailfin on his Mercury wound up in an episode of The FBI back in the 70s. Read Hey, there’s a portion of my car on national TV

Marketing professor Nick Gerlich notices a trend among millenials: they don’t have credit cards, because they don’t like debt. Given that our consumer economy is based on personal debt, how will our economic engine survive? Read To Their Great Credit

I have a son on the very mild end of the autism spectrum, and I expect him to go on to full and meaningful employment when he’s grown. But not all kids on the spectrum will have that ability. Phillip Greenspun writes about discrimination against people on the spectrum. Read Jobs for people with autism spectrum disorders

Writing for the Signal vs. Noise blog, Nathan Kontny tells stories of people who made great success from few resources. Sometimes having little to work with is the key to our success. Read Constrained


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  1. bwc1976 Avatar

    I’ve been off of credit cards since 2004, and never financed a car in my life, and think it’s great that the younger crowd are embracing a debt-free lifestyle! I remember when I started college in the 90’s there were people set up at tables all over campus constantly trying to sign everyone up for every card under the sun.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I got debt free except for my house several years ago. I’m hoping to hold onto that as my sons go off to college but after that I should be able to always live the cash lifestyle. It’s awesome.

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