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A digest of well-written and/or interesting blog posts, direct from my feed reader to you.

Were all grandfathers of the Greatest Generation quiet and hard to know? Nguyen remembers her grandfathers, honorable men all. Read His Great-Grandfather’s Boy

Unless you live under a rock you’ve heard the national controversy around a law Indiana recently passed. My buddy Kurt considers this law and how it shows how the Christian faith is so often misapplied. Read WWJD without RFRA?

Michael Lopp, writing as Rands, considers a couple strengths introverts bring to leadership. Read Introverts as Leaders (Briefly)

Childless by choice, Sabine Heinlein writes a thoughtful long essay on why, and the challenges she faces as a result. Read The Answer is Never


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  1. Bob Dungan Avatar
    Bob Dungan

    I really enjoyed the first which I found very intresting. The 2nd parallels my thinking very closely. The third was intresting but being a good leader takes lots of skills. Not just being a good listener. The third wouldn’t connect for some reason. Thanks for the reads.

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