I liked this handmade bowl a lot better when I bought it at the American Indian market Downtown than I did when I got it home.

Dragonfly bowl

I really enjoy pottery, and thought this would look good in my home– but no matter where I placed it, it seemed to disappear. Its gentle design just didn’t stand out anywhere.

Dragonfly bowl

But then I figured out it made great remote-control storage on my family-room coffee table, and suddenly my buyer’s remorse disappeared. Sometimes something new just has to find its right use in a home.


3 responses to “How the dragonfly bowl found its place in my home”

  1. ambaker49 Avatar

    It’s funny how some of the things we acquire, seem to need to find their own spot in our homes and lives.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      And sometimes that spot is not what we imagined.

  2. ambaker49 Avatar

    Ahh… The best laid plans…

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