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Four juicy little blog posts, new this week, from my feed reader to you.

Like David Lacy, I’m prone to waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep. But David thinks of interesting things such as croquignoles. I think about work, mostly. Read Pastries in the Early Morning

In my office, several of us buy coffee from Trader Joe’s and brew it a cup in a time in little filter baskets we stick on top of our cups. It’s because we can’t stand the coffee the office provides! So when the folks at software company Basecamp bought a bag of $46 bag coffee and bag of cheap coffee and did a blind taste test, I took notice. Read The Coffee Test

I’m of Generation X. I’ve always felt that my age peers have lived in the shadow of the baby boomers. But when Gen Z reaches a point in adulthood that they are leading things, the boomers will mostly be gone. Penelope Trunk thinks they’ll do a great job. Read What leadership will look like when Generation Z takes over (and I love Pope Francis)

Matt Appling considers the basic human drive to control things — and how almost all things are beyond our control. Read In Which My Wife and I Fantasize About Becoming OCD And Discover Our Control Issues


3 thoughts on “Recommended reading

  1. I appreciate the promo. Landing on Down the Road is a rush. I am a long-time reader of Matt Appling. Thoughtful young man, worth spending some time with. The coffee thing? Validates what I have long thought: people who spend $46 for coffee don’t do it for taste, but for the cachet. You know: Look, I spent too much for this coffee.

    • Glad to feature your great post today. And about coffee: like wine, bourbon, beer, anything really, there’s stuff that most would agree is swill, but beyond that it’s entirely subjective. A couple of colleagues and I meet once a month to sip bourbon at fine establishments around town, and we argue all the time over which bourbon we tried that night is best. It’s fun, but ultimately meaningless, because really, it all comes down to your palate. But we all agree that Jim Beam is rotgut.

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