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Another week, another set of favorite blog posts.

I’ve avoided the Russian cameras so far, but Mike Connealy dived right in with the FED 1g. It has little screws you can turn to adjust the shutter! I’m so impressed. Read Shooting the FED 1g

Preacher Matt Appling considers what is wrong with the church today and he concludes that it is him. And, well, you — but he doesn’t want to come right out and say it. Read I Finally Figured Out What Is Really, Really Wrong With The Church

Writing for Medium, Dave Pell comes right out and says it: net neutrality be damned, the Internet irrevocably favors the big companies now. He remembers when that wasn’t so. So do I. We both miss it. Read The Internet is Rigged

We see idealized stories of love and wonder why our partners don’t measure up. Nguyen talks about the transfiguring nature of real love — how we see can our partners through God’s eyes and therefore love them despite their flaws. Read Love, Despite


3 thoughts on “Recommended reading

  1. Another good reading list,although I skipped the one by Matt Appling so far. I have my own memories of the organized church and what was wrong with it at the time (25 years ago).
    Mike Connealys’ article on Russian cameras was good, I have several Russian cameras,a few even work.What I have found with them is that the lubricant the Soviets used 50 years ago, over time turns into some form of stiff gel. This is what makes shutters stick and lens rings resistant to being turned. However with patience and a modest amount of skill both can be overcome. My favorite however is a FED5 that I was able to buy new in the box for $15, built in the 90’s it is essentially the same camera made 40 years earlier just updated, selenium metering (uncoupled), range finder,and built truckishly. Perhaps the coolest thing about the Russian cameras is that (the soviet era ones anyway) they are a piece of world history,made in a dark secret place on the other side of the globe, or at least is was then. Find one that works and you have a solid camera with surprisingly good optics (the export models anyway, the ones made for their own market are said to be a big step down overall).
    As for Nguyen, well…….. if you grew up in an alcoholic home, love (a word I detest) is a never ending mine field no matter how much progress you have made in your (hopefully) sober life.

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