1968 Chevy Chevelle SS

I saw one of these being pulled along on a flatbed trailer the other day as I drove home from work. It even had the same “396” badge on the fender, meaning it packed big-block V8 heat. But I care less about the engine underhood than I do about styling — and I always liked the way these looked. I especially like the canted front end. I used to draw cars all the time as a boy, and I aped this front end over and over in my sketching.

I took this photo at the Mecum auction in 2010, using my Argus A-Four on Fujifilm Neopan 100 Acros film. That Argus is a capable little viewfinder camera that I keep meaning to shoot again. I’ve owned two, and photos I took with both of them are in this Flickr album.


9 responses to “Captured: 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle SS”

  1. david Avatar

    jim, your comments and retrospects always seem to strike commonality in me , I doubt we are alone in what we find mutually good about sharing the nice things of the past. have a good day. david

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Thanks David!

  2. loneprimateinto Avatar

    What’s the 396 in reference of? Horsepower?

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Cubic inch displacement in the engine block. For you Metric system people, a 396 is about 6.5 liters.

      1. Lone Primate Avatar

        It occurred to me afterward that it might be cubic centimetres but a quick calc reminded me that 396cc is less than half a litre. I never thought of cubic inches. I’m not even sure I’ve ever heard of that before. But 6.5L of displacement is impressive indeed. That’s more than three times the displacement of the engine I have right now. :)

  3. bodegabayf2 Avatar

    I always preferred the 69 version of the Chevelle. Either way, nothing quite like the deep, throaty rumble of a big block V-8.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Got a similar comment over on Facebook. Apparently the ’69 version of the 396 got 25 extra HP.

  4. Christopher Smith Avatar
    Christopher Smith

    I’ve always liked American mussel cars, I often watch show’s like Fast N’ Loud on Sky TV, thanks for sharing Jim and nice photo btw.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Thanks Christopher!

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