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I liked these blog posts best this week of all the ones I read:

Mark O’Brien writes about tripods and quick-release plates. It’s a useful primer. Read Tripods and Quick-Release Plates Will Make Life Easier

Television reporter Doug Richards is barely old enough to remember when news was shot on film. He reflects on why people still want to call it filming when film hasn’t been involved since about 1980. Read “Filming”

Featured on Freshly Pressed this week, Janet Sheridan reflects on hobbies and how in her favorite ones the process is as pleasant as the result. Read Why Have Hobbies?

Nicholas Middleton shares photos from Take Your Box Camera to Work Day. Drat — I didn’t even know this day existed! Read Take Your Box Camera to Work Day 2015

My OCD would drive me crazy if my newly tiled floor had one crooked tile. Heather Munro found a good way to be sanguine with this problem on her bathroom floor, though. Read My favorite imperfect tile


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