Captured: Polly’s Freeze

Polly's Freeze

My old friend Brian said, “If you’re going to Corydon, you need to drive down the road a little bit and visit Polly’s Freeze.” Brian would know; his whole family is from this Ohio River region of southern Indiana, and Brian likes good local places. I’m happy we took his advice, because this ice-cream stand was a wonderful stop for my sons and I on our 2007 Indiana History Tour.

That Spring Break trip was so named because my sons and visited historic sites all over the state. As Indiana’s first capital, Corydon began our trip. I think we all remember our lunch at Polly’s Freeze more than we remember anything about Corydon, though. Nothing against Corydon, of course; it’s a charming little town. But this family runs on its stomachs.


2 responses to “Captured: Polly’s Freeze”

  1. pesoto74 Avatar

    That’s a great looking sign. Hope it is around for a long time.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I’ve never seen another sign remotely like it. Fortunately, Polly’s Freeze looks like it’s got a good future.

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