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Here are the best blog posts I read this week.

I am sympathetic to the right-to-die cause, even though my sympathy sometimes conflicts with my faith. Canada recently began allowing doctor-assisted death under certain extraordinary circumstances. Longtime reader Lone Primate writes about that decision. Read We own ourselves at last

In writing about outhouses, Dennis Wagoner actually says something useful about compromise. Read Compromises of Life

It’s stolen from most of us and we don’t notice it. Not directly, at least, but we feel a loss. Then we try to fill it with things that never quite work. Tina Gasperson tells us what it is. Read What was stolen


2 responses to “Recommended reading”

  1. Dennis Wagoner Avatar

    Jim, thank you for the recommendation. I read the other two posts. In ‘We own ourselves at last’ I am inclined to be against legalization since it will be widely abused as it turns into a profit center, just like abortion did. The article by Tina was on the spot. Great stuff.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      There are just things that I think we should not allow people to make a profit on.

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