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Kodak 35

Made in U.S.A.
Canon PowerShot S95

A review of this Kodak is forthcoming.


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  1. pesoto74 Avatar

    I looking forward to hearing your experience with this one. I have always thought the Kodak 35 is a good-looking camera. So far I haven’t come across one.

  2. Carole Grey Avatar
    Carole Grey

    Great detail.

  3. urbanhafner Avatar

    I love the design of these cameras! Using them is another thing, though. :)

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      This one’s not too bad, except for the wonky shutter button — if you don’t mind guessing focus, that is.

      1. urbanhafner Avatar

        I’ve just become too impatient for guess focusing, cameras without a built in meter (uncoupled is fine), and tiny rangefinder windows. Maybe it’s the small kids. ;)

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