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Today is Down the Road’s eighth blogiversary! I’ll write more about it on Monday. For now, enjoy these blog posts — the best ones I read all week.

Mike Connealy got some very retro-looking color when he shot some ruins one sunny Arizona afternoon. Read Mission Ruins

Pastor Matt Boswell writes about how the church is Christ in the world today, and that’s a compelling reason to be in the church as a believer, even though the human church organization is never perfect. Read Decapitating Jesus

Why is it such a big deal when a woman chooses not to color her hair? My girlfriend gave up on it a few years ago and looks great with her long gray hair. Barbara made the same choice a while back and tells of all the criticism it brought. Read Blame It On Jamie Lee Curtis


8 thoughts on “Recommended reading

  1. George Denzinger says:

    WRT to gray hair: I don’t know how to say this about your girlfriend (girlfriend sounds like such a strange term when we’re speaking of folks older than, say, 15…) but she really rocks the long gray hair thing. I kind of wish my wife had been with me on the Auburn get together to be able to meet her. My wife had shoulder length sandy blonde hair for the longest time, but when hers started going gray, she cut it all off in a style similar to Jamie Lee Curtis’s. It doesn’t look bad but, I miss her longer hair.

    OTOH, I got nothing to talk about, as I’ve cut off most of my beard and my longer hair when I started going gray, too. I guess it’s a natural reaction…

    Congrats on eight years of blogging. I wish I had your discipline!

    • Yes, she does rock the long gray hair! It took my breath away when I first saw it. And yes, it is weird to say girlfriend at this age. I don’t know what else to call her so I persist with the word.

  2. Congratulations on the bloggy milestone! Thank you for sifting and recommending. Great sociological piece by the Gray-Haired Lady, and a particularly convicting piece by Pastor Boswell. He is right, of course. Mike’s pix are very cool, too.

  3. billeccles says:

    I’ve seen pics of your girlfriend’s long gray hair and it’s so refreshing to see someone rocking *long* gray hair! (“Rocks.” Good word, George.)

    Is it in the “Handbook of the Not-Quite-As-Young-Anymore American” that women whose hair is gray have to cut it all off to make them look like a Q-tip?

    • The length is really what makes it work so well. But having had long hair, I know how much work it can be. I think part of the Q-tip look is complete simplicity of care.

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