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Here are the blog posts I read and liked best this week.

Stephen Dowling gives some solid advice: ditch the zoom lens on your SLR for a 50mm prime and zoom with your feet. You’ll learn a lot about your camera and do better work. Read 52 Photo Tips #2: One camera one lens

Someone who writes as Ludica reviewed a book this week that debunks the theory that we are born with the specialized ability to process grammar. Turns out our brains might be even more incredible than that. Read The Language Myth

Tuesday was International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Heather Munro honored it by sharing photos of Stolpersteine, literally stumbling-stones, inserted into sidewalks all over Europe to remember where many of the victims lived. Read Stumbling stones into the past

I don’t know the name of this author, but she tells a story of reporting a crime committed against her 35 years ago — how it felt to have the police listen and take it seriously, and how it may have opened a vein of healing for others victimized by the same person. Read He wrote it down.

My friend and colleague Scott Palmer wrote a well-balanced piece on why debates on secular vs. religious belief systems are always doomed to fail. Read Reasonably Unreasonable Beliefs


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    Bob Dungan

    Thanks Jim. Great Reads.

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