Captured: Terre Haute Coca-Cola Bottling Company

Terre Haute Coca-Cola Bottling Company

Shortly after I moved into my Terre Haute apartment in 1989, I rode my bike around the neighborhood with my camera in my hands. The local Coca-Cola bottling plant was only four blocks away, in a great art-deco building where they filled glass bottles of Coke. They still produced 10-ounce bottles, a real throwback even then. You could buy them in six packs at most local grocery stores. I drank a ton of them.

Times were changing. The plant stopped producing 10-ounce bottles within a couple years; by the mid-90s, even the standard 16-ounce bottles were done for. I hear that this plant now only warehouses Coke bottled elsewhere. And this great sign is gone. So much has changed in my old neighborhood since I left. I wish I’d shot a dozen rolls of film on that ride, rather than just this one. But film and processing weren’t cheap, and I didn’t have much money then, so I’m happy to have even this photo.


4 responses to “Captured: Terre Haute Coca-Cola Bottling Company”

  1. sonsothunder Avatar

    Great photo… reminds me of back when my grandparents, and I of course at the time would ONLY drink the 6 and a half ounce bottles as pictured .. they always tasted the best to me.. but, the old folks of course…were probably still drawn to them for other reasons as well.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      The 6.5 ouncers were wonderful, especially when chilled to just above freezing. The 10 ouncers always felt like just the right amount of Coke to me.

  2. pesoto74 Avatar

    Looks like you did well with the chance you had with this sign. I’m like you in wishing I had taken more photos back in the day. I imagine there is a lot of great stuff that never was recorded. At least now with digital it seems like there are hundreds of images of everything.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Thanks Ted! I wish I had the money back in the day to take more bike rides with my camera. I wanted to do things like that, just photograph whatever was around me, but I just didn’t have the money. I’ll bet I’d have photos of the places of my childhood, and that they would be very precious to me today.

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