Captured: Misty morning, Bean Blossom

Misty morning Bean Blossom 4-9 1

We began our Spring Break adventure heading south toward the Ohio River. We aimed to see historic sites all over Indiana, beginning with the state’s first capital in Corydon. Fog slowed that April morning’s going, at least until we reached Bean Blossom and this hollow, into which the mist had not settled. Astonished by the scene, I stopped for this photo, but I couldn’t make my camera fully capture the mist’s tendrils snaking through the trees and hanging over the road as if cantilevered.

Not long ago as we looked through photos of past Spring Break trips, my sons remembered this scene. They also remembered throwing rocks into the Ohio River. But the time we spent at historic sites had passed from their memory. It was a long time ago; they were ten and almost eight. When we take our Spring Break trip this year, visiting New York City, they will be 18 and almost 16. It will be our last Spring Break trip together, as my older son is off to college in the fall. I wonder what they will remember from this trip as many years from now.


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