A little Christmas wish

Plastic Kindergarten bell
Plastic Kindergarten bell

My Kindergarten teacher, Edith Coles, gave these little bell ornaments to all of her students every Christmas. She hand-painted the student’s name, along with hers and the year, on each one. She must have made hundreds of them during her teaching career. Can you imagine the hand cramps?

I shared these photos on Facebook, where many of my childhood friends remembered their bells. Several still had theirs. Some of them posted happy memories of Mrs. Coles and of childhood Christmases. One friend even posted a photo of her bell, which has hung on every tree in her home since she received it in 1969.

A few cents’ worth of shiny plastic, a few strokes of paint, a whole bunch of good memories. It takes so little. May your Christmas be filled with such little things that create lingering good memories.


4 responses to “A little Christmas wish”

  1. davidvanilla Avatar

    Thank you for sharing these memories. May you have a blessed Christmas!

  2. hmunro Avatar

    What wonderful memories. And may you make many more happy memories today! Merry Christmas to you and yours, Jim.

  3. Andrew Dreves Avatar
    Andrew Dreves

    Hi Jim: I think we were in Mrs. Cole’s class at James Monroe in ’72. I still the bell on our tree as well. Mine is silver and my 6 yr old daughter hung it on the tree this year. Thanks for the memories! I enjoy your blog!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Andrew! We were in Mrs. Coles’ class together, you remember right. I wondered what became of you. Its good to know you’re still out there somewhere.

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