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Here’s what I enjoyed most this week from the blogs I follow.

I met some fellow roadfans for dinner last Saturday at The Oasis Diner, a freshly reopened stainless-steel diner in Plainfield. I photographed it at its former location, closed, deep in this post. Denny Gibson reviewed the diner and our dinner on his blog. Read Slipped on Down to the Oasis

My partner-in-crime on the Michigan Road Historic Byway, Kurt Garner, writes about the city at the north end of our byway: Michigan City. Leaders there have turned historic preservation into economic growth, and it’s a model for other cities to follow. Read Michigan City: Vision to Capitalize on its History

Stephen Ingram writes insightfully about why Christians should stop demanding that we “keep Christ in Christmas.” Read The Heresy of “Keeping Christ in Christmas”


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