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Here are the blog posts I enjoyed most this week:

Penelope Trunk looks at authority on her homeschooling blog, and how traditional, formal authority just might not fit the work world anymore. Read Essential skill: recognizing real authority

I really need to learn this lesson well: that the worst that’s likely to happen is frequently not as bad as I can imagine, and that plenty of great stuff will happen along the way. David Hansson, writing for the Basecamp blog, recommends this stoic approach to life for the tranquility it brings. Read Accepting the worst

Ever been fired? Suzanne Lucas, an HR pro who writes as The Evil HR Lady, was fired recently from a contract writing job with CBS. She critiques the firing — and restates her longstanding advice about how to fire someone when the time comes. Read The One Where Evil HR Lady Gets Fired

Eric Swanger recently shot a Kodak Pony — one that is awfully familiar to me. To find out why: Read Spanning

If you ask me what I do for a living, I say I’m a software developer. The more refined truth is that I’m Director of QA for a software company, leading a team of people who test the software the programmers make. Someone’s gotta be sure the software works! Michael Lopp, writing as Rands, describes what’s in the head of a good tester. Read The QA Mindset


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