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Every Saturday I share the posts I enjoyed all week from the blogs I follow.

John Smith carried his Leica to the beach and found an unexpected opportunity to contemplate the human condition. Read The Girl at Land’s End

Maybe it’s because I’m a divorced dad, but I think a lot about how I’m parenting my sons. Phillip Greenspun reviews a book that summarizes studies into fatherhood and a dad’s unique benefits to his children. Read Book review: Do Fathers Matter?

Physician Alex Lickerman reflects on his dying father, the ethics of aided death when life isn’t worth living anymore, and how the personal experience of this with a loved one can change one’s mind.  Read My Father is Dying

David Lacy writes the Ten Commandments as if the commissioner of the NFL went up on the mountain, not Moses. Read Ten Commandments

Freiburg, a southern German town, was almost entirely destroyed one night during World War II when the Allies bombed it. It has been carefully rebuilt much as it was. Heather Munro does an outstanding job of telling its story, with before and after photos. She took the after photos. Read The day Freiburg was destroyed


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  1. hmunro Avatar

    I love these weekly round-ups of yours, Jim — I’m always astonished by the breadth of your reading and by the thought-provoking gems you find, week after week. Thank you so much for introducing me to John Smith’s beautiful blog, and for sharing Alex Lickerman’s heartbreaking story about his dad. Both will stick with me for a while. But thank you extra-especially for sharing a link to my own little scribblings! I am grateful and honored.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Thanks so much, Heather. I think I was born to read short things like blog posts. I currently follow 151 blogs.

  2. davidvanilla Avatar

    Thanks for directing your readers my way! I enjoy reading the material you recommend.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Happy to share your blog, David!

  3. bodegabayf2 Avatar

    Thank you for the nod Jim!

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