Every step of the way *EXPLORED*

On a crisp, cloudy October day, Margaret and I walked through Garfield Park on Indianapolis’s Southeastside with cameras in our hands. I shot a Nikon N2000 and a 50mm f/1.8 Nikon Series E lens, both of which I had recently picked up on eBay for a pittance. I bought the camera to get this lens, actually. I enjoyed shooting this camera (review to come), but I enjoyed Margaret’s company more.

We came upon this scene in the park. When I posted this photo on Flickr, it was chosen for the daily Explore feature, where it racked up an astonishing 33,000 views. Thirty-three thousand! My e-mail blew up with dozens of Flickr notifications of people who favorited or commented on the photo. What a fun day.

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Captured: Every step of the way


4 thoughts on “Captured: Every step of the way

  1. Carole Grey says:

    Such a touching sentiment. Such an touching place to write the sentiment. The setting is so pleasant with the gift of a surprise. It’s all so perfect. Add me to your 33,000!

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