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From this week’s blogs:

I’ve followed Tori Nelson’s humor blog for years, but it has been silent for months. The reason is terrible: this summer, her brother murdered her father. Tori’s life was plunged into disbelief and loss and grief. This week, she told the story of the day she found out. It’s a difficult read. Read A Saturday in July

Abigail Easton launched a series on the values the Bible shows, rather than just those it says, this week with a post about relationship. That’s the Bible’s overarching theme.  Read Biblical principles: Relationship

I’m a dedicated and determined introvert, which is why Matt Appling‘s post about why introverts can have a hard time in church resonates with me. Read Three Things That Are Probably Making Introverts Like Me Nervous About Your Church

Wow, that’s a lot of heavy stuff. So let’s end with Eron Garcia (bka The Booze Guru) telling us how to properly hold a cocktail glass. Read How to Hold a Cocktail Glass; or: How to NOT Tick Me Off!


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