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Autumn strolls through my neighborhood on Fujifilm Velvia 50

Velvia is born for sunny days. Cloudy days, meh. Or so I found out when I strolled through my neighborhood one overcast afternoon with camera in hand. But this is the only photo I got that shows how the reds, yellows, and oranges frosted the green trees here as autumn began. So you get cloudy-day shots.

Neighborhood trees

A canopy of trees covers my little neighborood’s banal little houses. My neighbors and I all have our work cut out for us each autumn when the leaves fall. I spend half the day five or six weekends in a row driving around on my tractor sucking up leaves.

Neighbor's house under the yellow canopy

This is one of the better looking homes, just a few doors down from mine. Even though these houses aren’t anything special, I’m happy in mine and am glad to live here.

Neighbor's house

I did get one useful shot of the colorful leaves on a sunny-day stroll through my neighborhood.

Looking up

This really was a remarkable Indiana autumn: wildly colorful, mostly sunny, dry, and warm. I wish they were all this way.


12 thoughts on “Autumn strolls through my neighborhood on Fujifilm Velvia 50

  1. Lovely fall pictures. You don’t have to live in a big house to be happy. I know several people that moved up to bigger houses and found all they got was bigger mortgage payments, taxes and cleaning.

  2. Carole Grey says:

    These are beautiful. So calming and comfortable. Makes one happy to be alive and enjoying God’s visual bounty.

  3. Nancy ( Roe ) Stewart says:

    Ha !! Another one of the advantages of living in the country !! We can enjoy the colors until the leaves fall off and then watch them blow away into the neighboring fields. And the neighbors don’t complain !!

    • Yeah, sometimes I wish I could just let the leaves blow away! That’s what the golf course behind me does — they let them blow right up against my chain-link fence. I use my leaf blower to send them right back out again.

  4. Gorgeous colours. As for the houses – I’d rather live happily in a single room surrounded by that kind of beauty than miserably in a mansion. Really makes you appreciate the autumn colours – so vivid but gone so quickly.

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