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From the blogs I read this week:

At Curbside Classic, the old-car blog for which I write, one of our contributors passed away last week of liver cancer. Kevin Martin had stories aplenty, and illustrated the ones he told with Kodachrome slides he took when he lived those stories. The site re-ran his best posts all week. I especially enjoy one about his time driving cabs in New York City. Read CC Feature: My Checkered Career with Checker Cabs

Übergeek and tech pundit Jeff Atwood has been paying attention to tablet (e.g., iPad) performance over the years. His data backs it up: tablets perform almost as well as desktop computers now. It’s an important shift as people rely on tablets more and more. Read The Tablet Turning Point

I don’t know David35mm‘s real name, but on his film-photography blog this week he shared a story of going through his elderly mother’s home after she moved to assisted living, and finding his dad’s old Zenit 35mm SLR with a half-shot roll of film inside. Read Analogue Memories


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    Thanks for the link and the comments, Jim. Have a great week.

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