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Shooting Fujifilm Velvia 50

I’ve always been curious about Velvia 50, a slide film. I finally shot some. I started close to home, as usual. First up: my car. Velvia does blue up right.


I’ve always heard that Velvia returns super-saturated reds. Wow, how true.

Tail light

These red petals hurt my eyes. This roll shows no signs that it expired in 2012.

Super-saturated red flower

New grass covers a wide swath of my front yard, thanks to relandscaping after the big sewer project. It’s not this green in real life.

New grass

I shot all of these with my 55mm f/2.8 Micro-Nikkor attached to my Nikon F2AS. I used up the rest of the roll photographing this autumn’s wonderful colors. I’ll share some of those photos soon.


10 thoughts on “Shooting Fujifilm Velvia 50

  1. Wes C says:

    The colors in your photos above are very vivid. Yes, the reds are intense, but I like it. Guess I’m curious too… My last order of film included one roll of Velvia 50, but I haven’t yet run it through a camera. Waiting for a clear, sunny afternoon to give it a try!

  2. Carole Grey says:

    I’ve seen pictures like this before and wondered how they got the colors to POP like that and now I know. Thanks. Look forward to the rest of the film in Autumn’s glory!

  3. I have never used this film, however I have heard about it’s vivid colors. I wonder how much longer Velvia will be around. Although Fuji seem so be doing okay I am never surprised these days when a film is discontinued.

    • Since Kodak got out of the slide business, Fuji has it all to themselves. So I’m not looking for them to kill slide films anytime soon. Velvia has always been a niche/pro product anyway.

      But who knows, I’ve been surprised by the demise of other films.

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