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Here are the blog posts I enjoyed reading this week.

Prolific blogger Mark Evanier tells a story about terrible customer service on a high-end television designed by Henry Kloss, and how Kloss himself resolved the problem. I own a much lesser Kloss product, the Model One table radio, and I love it. Read Tales of Something or Other #6


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  1. I have a KLH receiver from the early 70s, but that was after Kloss wandered away. Still sounds great. Looks great too, so the tradition was still there. However – lower-end dream speakers = Advent Loudspeaker.

    Thanks for the post, great story.

  2. Wes C says:

    My bedroom system includes a set of the original Advent Loudspeakers, which is a Henry Kloss design. I really like the sound. Also, if you ever find yourself passing through Hope, Arkansas, be sure to tour the Klipsch factory museum.

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