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Every Saturday I share the posts from my feed reader that I liked the most.

Writing for 52 Rolls, Peter DeGraaf loaded some Fujifilm Velvia 50 into a 1950s Olympus rangefinder and got some wonderfully colorful results. Read Olympus Chrome Six – Here and There

I am always super impressed with the images Mike Connealy gets with his 135mm Mamiya lens on his Pentax Spotmatic. Just check out the photos he got of some Flamenco dancers. Read Flamenco in the Plaza Vieja

Octogenarian blogger David Lacy tells a sad tale from his 14th year, in which he slid down a rock pile and eroded more than the seat of his pants. Read Climbing Fool’s Hill; and Coming Back Down Again

In yet another sign that film is catching on again, John Smith’s local camera store has started stocking more film. Read It warms my heart

Erik Parker is a Lutheran minister. He reflects on the hoopla surrounding the iPhone 6 and why he wants to avoid hoopla as a way of attracting people to the church. Read iPhone 6 and Why Churches Should Stop Trying to Get People to Come


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  1. davidvanilla Avatar

    Thank you for pointing your readers to my little tale.–David Lacy

  2. Christopher Smith Avatar
    Christopher Smith

    Enjoyed reading this weeks offerings thanks for sharing Jim also I enjoyed your Blog this week, as I always do.

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