Moths hanging out at my front door

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I came home from work one day at the beginning of August to find this beautiful fellow hanging out at my front door. He’s a Waved Sphinx moth.

Brown moth

I get a lot of flying insects at my front door. They like my porch light. I would also not be surprised to find that my many mature trees, which shade my home most of the day, create a good habitat for them. I’ll bet that if I looked around, I’d find more interesting insects. I find them at my front door so frequently because I’m there a lot. And a creature this interesting and beautiful really stands out.

Brown moth

I wanted to touch him to see if his wings were as silky as they looked. When I looked at him from the side, I was surprised to see that his head was enormous.

Clinging tenaciously to my front door

That moth reminded me of this fellow, am Alianthus webworm moth, who clung tenaciously to my front door for several days a few years ago. When moths decide to rest near my front door, I just let them, and enjoy them for as long as they care to visit.

A few years ago I found a Luna moth, which live no more than seven days. See it.


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  1. hihowsyou25 Avatar

    Wonderful capture !

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Thank you!

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