Recommended reading

These posts from blogs I follow got my attention this week:

Bruce Robbins writes about the photographic doldrums, or times as a photographer when you feel like you’ve photographed your usual subjects to death. He asks his readers how they handle it. Read Ploughing over old ground

There’s charm in living minimally, as John Smith enjoyed until recently in his home of just 850 square feet. Read Beacon Cottage

In writing about the new Apple Watch, Michael Lopp (b/k/a Rands) also calls the Apple TV a “hobby” for Apple – something they’re not serious about. That boggles my mind, because to other companies in that space (i.e., Roku), it’s their entire business. Read Not a Hobby

Writing on Medium, Lindsay Roth tells of her sixteenth summer, when she met and was interviewed on the radio by Joan Rivers. Read The First Time I Met Joan Rivers


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