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Here are this week’s exceptional blog posts, at least among those that appeared in my feed reader.

I’m not usually wowed by the results from Holga cameras, but 52 Rolls participant Peter DeGraaf got some melancholy color from one on a roll of film that didn’t want to be shot. Read SouthWest Rocks

Chuck Baker, another 52 Rolls participant, got great contrast and detail shooting T-Max 400 black-and-white film in a No. 2 Brownie while visiting a cathedral in Spain. Read Roll 25 – Brownie No. 2 Model C – Tmax 400 – Sagrada Familia

TV and comic-book writer Mark Evanier is watching The Dick Van Dyke Show on Blu-Ray (again) and is struck by how few episodes were less than outstanding. He also tells about being in the audience for the filming of one episode. Read Rob Petrie Revisited

John Smith considers the beach, which constantly erases yesterday’s evidence of human interaction with it. Read The Beach


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