Leeper Park bridge

Michigan St. Bridge at Leeper Park, South Bend
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  1. Carole Grey says:

    I thought this bridge was a beauty even before the reproduction lights were added but, my, how the lights add charm!

    • I saw an early-1900s photo of downtown that showed streetlights that looked a lot like these, just on poles. What a sight that would have been, to have this design element perhaps carry all the way downtown!

  2. Neil says:

    Our family drove over this bridge weekly going home to Michigan after we moved away. It didn’t happen often, but I always liked it when dad would take a few extra minutes to actually spend time at the park. From looking at old postcards, they did a nice job with the lights.

    • They did. They are replicas of lights originally on the bridge. I’ve seen photos from downtown from a hundred or so years ago where the streetlights resembled these, too.

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