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Here’s this week’s recommended reading – a handful of posts I really liked from the blogs I follow.

It’s hard to love people who aren’t lovable, but Amanda Hill writes that because of the heart of freedom our creator gives us, we can, and we should – and it will transform you. Read: A Heart of Freedom

David Lacy writes about loving thy neighbor as thyself, and how doing that requires actually loving thyself. Read: Rubric for Living

Once again, Mike Connealy coaxes some terrific images out of a simple camera. This time, it’s a 1950s Ansco Panda. Read: Shooting Pandas


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  1. davidvanilla Avatar

    Thanks, Jim, for the promotional. Hope someone derives some benefit from the post. Be blessed this weekend!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      My pleasure, and thank you for writing with such insight.

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