Road Trips

Drunken road striping

West of Effingham, Illinois, US 40 makes a wide curve and passes over a railroad track. An earlier alignment of the road was left behind when the overpass was built.

Drunken road striping

Here’s what all of this looks like from the air.

Imagery and map data © 2014 Google.

Imagery and map data © 2014 Google.

Humorously, on the ground this alignment looks like this. I can hear the chatter at the highway maintenance garage now: “I know! Let’s get drunk and go stripe some road!”

Drunken road striping

There are a couple houses on this little stretch of road. I wonder what the owners think of the hilarity at the end of their front yards.

Drunken road striping

It’s a time-honored tradition in road realigning to just bury an old alignment under a mound of dirt to build the new alignment.

Drunken road striping

All of these photos are from two visits I made here in 2007.


9 thoughts on “Drunken road striping

  1. Lone Primate says:

    If I’m stating the obvious here, I apologize in advance. :) My guess is they’re using that stretch to train the stripers. :) Beautiful shots, though. A strange kind of zeitgeist.


  2. bodegabayf2 says:

    We used to see something like this when I lived in New York State–paint stripe test–but they also used to label it with a sign.


    • No need for a sign when you practice on a little road stub like this one! Only the one family that lives on it, and roadgeeks like me, ever go back there.


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