Spring is here! And so I put a pack of Fujifilm FP-100C into my Polaroid Colorpack II and went looking for bright spring flowers. I found some in my front yard and some, like these tulips, on the grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art.


These daffodils are always the first sign of spring in my yard. The woman who first lived in my house planted them, and now I get to enjoy them.


The IMA probably has a huge staff to maintain the grounds and do things like plant the dozens of bulbs necessary to grow a patch of daffodils this big.


My mom planted these grape hyacinths in my front bed about five years ago. They’ve done really well.


I love tulips; they’re my favorite flower. I planted some yellow and purple tulip bulbs three years ago but got only one spring season’s worth of flowers from them. Either they died or the squirrels got them. So I got my tulip fix at the IMA this year.


I photographed all of these flowers from 3½ feet away, which is as close as the Colorpack II can focus. I was just delighted when I peeled away the first print and saw that soft background. I’m also extremely happy with the color I got back from the FP-100C. The color is even better on the actual prints; the flowers look almost candy-jewel-like. The sharpness is better on the prints, too, but that’s probably because the prints are far smaller than these scans.

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11 responses to “Spring flowers on Fujifilm FP-100C”

  1. Walter Czyz Avatar
    Walter Czyz

    I love the first shot! I keep going back to it….

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      That’s my favorite too. That’s why it’s first!

  2. bodegabayf2 Avatar

    Jim–You’ve coaxed some nice shots out of that old Land camera.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      It was super easy, actually. Frame, focus, click, yank, wait, peel. I’ve finally found a Polaroid camera I want to use and will use again in this Colorpack II. I could only wish for the better lens and rangefinder of my Automatic 250, but the Colorpack is so much less fussy to use and the lens is sharp enough that I’m willing to make that compromise.

  3. Wes C Avatar
    Wes C

    Nice 3D effect on these pictures! The FP100-C really is a nice film and I hope it will be around for a while. And I like the fact that you are using a Colorpack II. It reminds me of a very similar Polaroid camera that my parents gave me as a gift around 1975 – a “Super Shooter” which used pack film also. Wish I still had it…. I remember feeling like a big shot since my camera used the same kind of film as my Dad’s Polaroid. (a model 450, this one I do still have!)

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Thanks Wes! I had a Super Shooter too. I wrote about it here:


      A 450 would have been a very nice Polaroid camera. I have a 250 that’s mighty nice too, with its rangefinder focusing. Unfortunately, it has electrical gremlins.

      1. Wes C Avatar
        Wes C

        Jim, My 450 had electrical issues due to dirty and corroded battery contacts, but it seems to be all sorted out now. I guess we should all be trying to use the FP100-C a little more often as It would be shame if this great film went away like the other Fuji pack films! Thanks for the link to your Super Shooter memories. That’s pretty neat that Paul Giambarba stopped by your blog. The Polaroid packaging that he designed really is iconic.

  4. pesoto74 Avatar

    Glad you like the Colorpack II. It works great with the Fuji film. It seems to work particularly well with flowers as you have shown here. I still have one that my family used years ago. It seems like the 600 cameras are the ones that are popular now, however I don’t think that anyone who tried a Colorpack would be disappointed.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      The 600 (and SX-70) cameras can’t hold a candle in image quality to the packfilm cameras. You just have to be willing to put up with the gooey waste that you get when you peel the print away. And the Fuji film seems to render color a lot better than the genuine Polaroid films used to.

  5. cozyteacup Avatar

    I love flowers, most types, tulips I love for sure, yellow being the favorite color. Love your pics! :)

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I’m right there with you!

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