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Film photography blogs you should follow

This 2014 post fell way out of date so I updated it. Click here to see the latest list!
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80 thoughts on “Film photography blogs you should follow

  1. bodegabayf2 says:

    I’ve been goofing around with photography and old cameras most of my life. I stumbled across your fine blog while I was thinking about buying a Polaroid camera. I am glad that I did and I am flattered that you would mention mine. Thank you Jim.


  2. Jim,

    Thank you so much for mentioning “What is a Film Camera” on your blog.

    Yes, it’s true, I have become an infrequent blogger. A prolonged career transition has taken me away from cameras. The time I once spent on cameras has been poured into passing certifications and learning Microsoft SharePoint.

    But I’ll return to blogging about my cameras. Because as you and I both know, each camera has its own story to tell about its previous owners, the places it has traveled, and the photos it has taken.

    Again, thanks for mentioning my blog: What is a Film Camera.


  3. Christopher Smith says:

    I suppose it don’t real matter what platform a blog is on as long as its interesting and keeps the viewer/reader engaged.


    • Oh, you’re right in the end. WordPress has some nice features Blogspot doesn’t. Also, when I comment on a WordPress blog, I’m notified of replies on the WordPress bar I see at the top of every WordPress page. Blogger doesn’t do that.


  4. Thanks for the mention Jim, You sure have added to my reading list. I have had blogs on WordPress and Blogger. I do agree that WordPress is better for making posts, however it seems easier to get viewers on Blogger. Especially because Blogger is easier to connect with Google++. Google galleries and documents are also handy to combine with Blogger.


    • Hm, that’s interesting — easier to get viewers on Blogger. I must admit, my first couple years here on WordPress had pretty low readership. When I started reviewing old cameras, things started to improve. People found me then.


  5. Jim – I just started a blog myself which is WAY UNDER CONSTRUCTION !!!! The reason i started my attempt at this creative expression was due to an AMAZING STREET PHOTOGRAPHER I have been following for several years in admiration. His name is Victor Bezrukov and he has a blog on WordPress under the name Photographer’s Log at I believe once you take a look at his photos you will see his unique perspective that I find so special about Victor’s artistic dedication, and philosophy which totally makes him unique among other street photographers. He is one with his camera as an instrument of his perspectives on life, and emotions as well as applying the principles of his creative use of shadow, light, angles, and other unusual techniques that truly display his work as magical. You must look at his work on his blog and he is always on G+ where I first discovered his work and willingness to learn and share. Be Well … :)


      • Jim – I am also very interested in your writing! I have been reading your blogs and you write about so many interesting things and you go one place to another allowing you to add your personal anecdotes along with emotional opinions about your many journeys near or far. You manage to find something interesting or entertaining about a tree or a brick wall !!! I call this a writer ! You seem to appreciate all art just as I do!!! I freelance write upon request to many writers , musicians, local artists, and local charital volunteer events, ect… I belong to a huge group in my wonderful artistic town of Oxford, MS. Home to many famous Southern Writers( Faulkner , Larry Brown, Tom Franklin, Willie Morris, John Grisham, and many more ) . I am distant kin to Mr. Brown who I was often scared of as a kid. He had a very dark side, but his Mama was my favorite Aunt and I loved to spend time with her. I also have been workin as a Teacher’s Assistant at Ole Miss as money and time allows to achieve my MFA in Creative Writing. I do not care if I am 70 and still teaching , I am determined to become a professor too!

        But , back to my Photographer friend. You did not mention any Street photographers and I think they are some of the most amazing lucky bastards around . The luck they have walking around and capturing such candid shots as thought of are invisible Is intriguing. So I thought you might be interested. I think people and nature are the most beautiful photos to catch in unique perspectives. They are BEAUTIFUL AS LIFE SHOULD BE!!! You are always so Positive and I prefer to surround myself with that kind of people to stay that way. I wish I was as smart as you right now. This technological stuff about creating this blog the way I want to have it look artistically and impressively with words and exciting pictures ,music and fun discussions to constantly open my mind and help others widen their thinking is just my goal. Do you Happen to have any clever ideas for a title for such a diverse blog??? I am all ears??? Thank you for your influence too! I can take criticism . I have all my life taken suggestions and improved as best I can !!! I really am searching for a wonderful blog title that fits my personality , my goals and will still capture the curiosity of strangers when looking at our WordPress blogs .

        Sincerely , Irena Dawn


      • Ok, Jim , I think I understand what your saying . It is like the monthly unemployment figures are never accurate and The Obamacare health care plans may have the numbers now , but who has actually paid and who is actually getting good quality service. I tend to compare every little thing to political problems we are facing right now. So, I am sorry if I stepped on your toes !

        I think I have the OCD thing about perfection too! I have three books and the sites myself but I an so technologically retarded!!! LOL! I work on the site each day and I have not written a descent thing yet. I have to really feel passionate about a subject. But, Mother’s Day is around the corner!!!

        Thank you very much for your time!
        Irena Dawn

        P.S. Next step – a camera!!! I am excited about learning another creative craft!!!


  6. Jim- another think … If you do not prefer long post like this please let me know and I will not bother you. I know some bloggers follow such rules because they can’t possibly answer all questions. I do understand that you must have a life too! LOL! I just have to try to work my way through this the best way I can!!!

    Thank you again for reading if you had time!!!
    Irena Dawn


    • Irena, I’ve been at this for over seven years now. I get a lot of bogus follows through WordPress — spammy blogs and junk like that. And because I use the Publicize feature to auto-post to my Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages, Facebook counts all of my followers there as followers here, too. So that follow count isn’t really accurate. Realistically, I get about 300 visits a day, and I’d say that I have 50 active readers, of which no more than a dozen comment regularly.

      I think things like blog title and design matter a whole lot less than what you have to say and show. I picked my title completely off the cuff and it barely even fits what I do anymore, but whatevs, I’m not changing it now. And I did spend some time getting my design right but I’m OCD like that. Some of my favorite blogs have titles like “The (person’s name) Blog” and use the default WordPress themes – as vanilla as it gets. Jeez, some of those blogs get dozens and dozens of comments per post. If only mine could attract readers like that! So I conclude that it’s all about compelling content.


  7. Thanks for adding me to your list! It’s always nice to see that people actually read what I post online. Also, some great blogs up there, I will definitely start following some of these! Cheers x

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  8. Just noticed I’m on your list. :) Thanks for including me. I’m working on posting on a more regular basis! … Granted, that would require shooting on a more regular basis. :D


  9. Hi there, thank you for sharing this list! I agree with you tho, I wish there were more analog photographers blogging through wordpress as it is way easier to keep up with their posts… Anyway, great blog!


  10. Hi Jim. Sorry to say, but it seems I did a lousy research a couple of years back when I started my small blog. It happens to be over there at blogger… Anyway, after a couple of years of testing the other medium I switched back over to film. After all that’s what I knew best, and finding myself for hours stareing into a computer screen editing and throwing away snaps that was done without thinking sure was not the thing I wanted.
    I don’t know if it’s of any interrest to you, but you can find it here if you like to take a quick look or two.
    There’s even a few pictures in between all the words, and all the words are not directly connected to photography either.
    A couple of other blogs over there I have had a lot of joy reading would be:
    Andrea at Boxes & Bellows got quite a few interresting views on things happening out there on the Outer Hebridies:
    Michael McNeill from North Ireland also only do film. Fine blog, good photos:
    And hey… seems like a great blog you got, and a good list of other blogs to check out and possibly follow. I will certainly spend some time in here, and on the other ones as well if I find something that hooks me up for some reason. Thanks a lot for taking your time!


  11. It’s not easy starting a film blog. Even though film is finally growing in use again, and instant film, (Mint, Impossible, Fujifilm Instax), is growing twice as fast. It will be the younger, not older photographers who grow this niche resurgence.


    • Another “12 Best Online Film Sites” I put together are one of my most popular blogs; Well, other than 15 best film cameras. LOL. You would think we would have more of a community. Reddit’s “Analog” has about 35K subscribers. But they are pretty critical. The digital equivalent on Reddit has 3 million subscribers!
      Surprisingly, the only spam I get is from digital guys ranting. (I just delete,…the argument is over already) But my submissions are way up, especially from Europe. Most under 25 YO. My Instagram has doubled in a month. And Kodak is releasing new film. So, film is far from dead. And we’re not all ‘Eurotrash’ like someone on DPReview commented to me.
      Good job, Dane. Keep it up. There’s a community out there someplace! ( is pretty good film forum)


  12. Hello Jim I have discover your blog recently as I was looking on google websites about Film Camera. This is quite a list you have set up and many things to explore there.Thanks for taking the time to compile it.


  13. Please check my website which incorporates a blog about (analog) photography. I am a black and white film photographer from the Netherlands. Please give me your comment, thanks, Tom Stappers


  14. It’s not easy starting a film blog. Even though film is finally growing in use again, and instant film, (Mint, Impossible, Fujifilm Instax), is growing twice as fast. It will be the younger, not older photographers who grow this niche resurgence.


  15. The orient, especially China, are a great source of young film photographers, including the recently passed away Ren Hang, who was quickly receiving worldwide recognition. He almost exclusively used a Minolta X-700. He was 29 at the time of his death. RIP


      • Wang Wei, (Chinese), Nina Ahn, (Korean), Motoyuki Daifu, (Japanese), Wingla Wong, (Chinese), Ka Xiaoxi, (Chinese), Luo Yang, (Chinese),…all film photographers and all in their 20’s. Ren Hang said in an interview his Minolta cost him $9 US. I doubt the average Chinese worker could afford a Nikon D810, or some such beast. And I understand getting film developed in the Far East is pretty easy and cheap. Maybe they’re dedicated film users or maybe they’re just using what is available and they can afford. Google their work. You’ll be amazed what film can still do, and how far a film camera can still take you.
        Film Forever! :)


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