Locally Grown Gardens

I’ve photographed Locally Grown Gardens more times than I’ve been inside. I hereby make a pact with myself: from now on, I will step inside and buy something every time I photograph something here.

Locally Grown Gardens

I love how this year-round farm market is housed in a repurposed gas station. I’ve become fascinated lately with the history of gas-station architecture. There might be another blog post in me just about that. This building is covered in steel tiles painted with porcelain enamel (though I think these tiles may have been painted over with conventional house paint). Oblong-box stations like this were built from the 1930s through about 1970.


I seem to have black-and-white film in my camera most often when I am here; this is my only color shot of the place. The benches’ turquoise color is just perfect.

Pumpkins for Sale

The decor changes with the seasons. Whenever it’s chilly outside, you’re likely to find a small fire going in a barrel out front.


While I’ve been in to buy produce a time or two, I’ve never stopped here for a meal. They offer a small menu that varies with the seasons.

I am often amused at myself by the places that keep attracting me when a camera hangs from my neck. I often don’t realize how I’m gravitating toward those places until I’m searching through my photos and see how many times I’ve visited a particular subject. That’s how I came to write about Locally Grown Gardens today. Perhaps I should make a few deliberate trips down there with my camera, and perhaps take a meal there, and perhaps (with permission) take a few photographs inside.

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10 responses to “Locally Grown Gardens”

  1. dehk Avatar

    Gotta try out the food next time and let us know!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Yeah, maybe I should have a little lunch there one day.

  2. Steve Miller Avatar
    Steve Miller

    Oh, this does look good! Is it noon, yet?

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      It’s always noon somewhere!

  3. pesoto74 Avatar

    That color shot is wonderful. I remember at one time there was a debate on when to use color and when to use b&w. I think your photo would be a good example of when to use color. I have never had any trouble taking photos in inside a place like this – other than my somewhat shy nature. Still the few times that I have been asked what I was doing I would say that I am taking some photos for my blog or for Flickr. Everyone so far as been glad to hear that.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Thanks so much for complimenting the color shot. It actually didn’t turn out 100% like I envisioned it! Sometimes I think I should use my digicam to shoot a thing until I get it framed just right, and then switch to my film camera and record it for the ages.

      I’m pretty reluctant socially as well and it keeps me from doing things that might gain me public attention.

  4. bodegabayf2 Avatar

    No matter how they have been re-purposed, you can always tell it was an old gas station.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Unless you’re not old enough to remember these as gas stations. My sons, for example, would have no idea about this building.

  5. Josh Woody Avatar
    Josh Woody

    I would be interested to read your thoughts on service station architecture. Its one of my fascinations, but I lack your drive to document the various styles I see with a camera.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I have a few hard-to-find service station styles to photograph first!

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