Hillforest stands on a hill overlooking Aurora, Indiana, and the Ohio River. Built in 1855, it was home to industrialist Thomas Gaff and his family. Today it’s a National Historic Landmark, and you can tour it in the afternoons, except during the dead of winter and on Mondays and holidays.

Aurora is a US 50 town. It’s hard to believe that it’s already been four years since I explored US 50 across Indiana with my Canon PowerShot S80 in my pocket. As road-trip season approaches, I find myself wanting to revisit the roads I have explored before. I saw so many great, interesting things along these old highways. I’d like to see some of them again, and I’d like to see how things have changed. I recently drove the Michigan Road through southern Indiana. Several things that I remember from my 2008 trip are gone now, including a log cabin, an old gas station, and a stone arch bridge. But Hillforest is certainly still there and is well maintained. When I see it again, I should stop long enough for a tour.

History, Photography, Preservation

Captured: Hillforest


11 thoughts on “Captured: Hillforest

  1. Yes you should “stop long enough for a tour” and I should, too. I know I have toured inside the house but could find no evidence and there are hints that it was more than ten years ago. I’m due. I realized that when I saw the house in the Wonderland Way article in the latest American Road magazine. I’m giving serious thought to retracing the WW this summer.


    • Denny, I need to generally be better at slowing down while on the road to tour the things that are tourable. I’ve usually been so focused on covering miles that I miss things.


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