On the Water

Eagle Creek Reservoir may be one of Indianapolis’s premier recreation destinations, but it was built as a flood-control project. Big Eagle Creek kept overflowing its banks. More than once it flooded the little town of Traders Point, which used to nestle nearby where Lafayette Road (then US 52) intersected the creek. The flood control project was meant to end that – but it was also thought that the reservoir would partially submerge poor Traders Point. So in 1968, the town was razed. And then the site wasn’t submerged after all, and the demolition of poor Traders Point turned out to be unnecessary.

I doubt that many who fish, boat, or otherwise enjoy the reservoir (as these three fellows appear to be doing) have any idea about Traders Point and its fate. Just what are these guys doing, anyway? Surfing? I had an 80-200mm zoom lens on my Pentax ME this day, and used it to get a closer look. I still couldn’t figure it out.


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  1. Bob Smith Avatar
    Bob Smith

    They appear to be Paddle Boarding- popular in Minnesota when the ice is out- sarc.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      You may have solved the mystery! Thanks.

  2. pesoto74 Avatar

    We have an Eagle Creek resort here in central Illinois. Its on one of the last man-made lakes made around here. I remember that was kind of a craze for a while after WWII.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I imagine that Eagle is a popular name for creeks across the nation. There really was a burst of flood-control projects in the mid 20th century. One in Indiana caused the rerouting of US 36 near Rockville; I am told that the old road is still there, underwater.

  3. davidvanilla Avatar

    A third test– link: 404

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Yes. I deleted the test posts I created, so you get 404 pages now.

      1. davidvanilla Avatar

        Some people can’t follow simple directions. You told me to ignore. ;-)

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