Through the viewfinder - Polaroid SX-70

When I wrote about my Polaroid SX-70 last year, I criticized its viewfinder for the very narrow angle at which it allowed a subject to be fully viewed. But when your eye finds that angle, it is amply rewarded. The view is large and bright.

Monday’s post about the cameras from my collection that I photographed with my Nikon F2AS reminded me that I had used one of those cameras, this Agfa Clack, to illustrate the SX-70’s viewfinder. I brought my Canon PowerShot S95 up to the eyepiece and, true to form, spent several minutes getting it lined up just right so that I could capture all of the Clack.


Captured: Through the viewfinder


8 thoughts on “Captured: Through the viewfinder

  1. TOTALLY with you on the SX-70’s viewfinder. When I first got mine, I thought it was broken. Once you get your eyeball in the right place though, all is good. I call it the SX-70 dance, moving camera and your head around until all is lined up just right.

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