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Film cameras photographed with a film camera

Thank goodness winter is over. The long, severe winter we suffered severely curtailed my photography and made me plenty sour. At one point I got desperate and searched the house for subjects. Cameras are in abundant supply, so I put several on my coffee table and photographed them.

Ilford Delta 400 film was in, and a 50mm f/2 AI Nikkor lens was on, my new old Nikon F2AS. Because it was a gray day, diffuse light entered the nearby picture window. I opened the lens wide, creating a very narrow range of sharp focus. I found the results to be interesting and pleasing. In particular, I enjoy how you can see the tabletop woodgrain only in front of the camera. I also enjoy extrapolating the sharp-focus plane from the in-focus camera details. That’s easier to do when you view these photos at larger sizes; you can do that by clicking any of them to view them on Flickr.

I keep meaning to shoot my Olympus Trip 35 again. Maybe it can accompany me on a road trip this year. It should be a great camera for capturing landscapes.

Olympus Trip 35

I’ve bought a few other Kodak Retina cameras, but after buying this highly satisfying Retina IIa I don’t need to buy any more. Unlike the Retina Ia, its viewfinder is usably large and it features a rangefinder.

Kodak Retina IIa

I managed to get only parts of the upper-left corner of my Argus C3 in sharp focus. When I started collecting again several years ago, the C3 was on my short list. I own three now, but their odd usability makes me unlikely to shoot them again.

Argus C3

I own two Yashica TL-Electro bodies, and both of them suffer from sticky shutters. The other body’s shutter always sticks, but this one’s suffers only at slow speeds, and only sometimes. So this is the body I’ll eventually shoot with.

Yashica TL Electro

I enjoyed shooting this Ansco B2 Speedex a couple years ago and intend to use it again. Too many medium-format folders from the last century use that infernal discontinued 620 film. The Speedex takes takes widely available 120 film, which is why I bought it.

Ansco B2 Speedex

I want to shoot the Agfa Clack again, too. I had such fun with it the last time I used it. It, too, takes 120 film.

Agfa Clack

My Konica C35 is a sweet little 35mm rangefinder. I’d like to shoot with it again, too.

Konica C35 Automatic

I have so many cameras I’d like to use again that I could keep myself busy for a few years doing it. But this year, I’m committed to the F2AS. Expect to see more and more photographs from it.

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13 thoughts on “Film cameras photographed with a film camera

  1. Rachel Neill says:

    I am looking at an Agfa Clack on Ebay right now. Looks so cute and simple to use. I must photograph my small collection someday.

  2. Christopher Smith says:

    Nice photos of your nice collection. I have several of the Agfa Isolette folders similar to the Ansco and aslo a Konica C35 I have a film in the C35 to finish off but have not tried the Agfa’s yet, hopefully this year.I have just finished and developed a B&W film in a Nikon F801, it’s great fun shooting film in old camera’s. The Agfa Clack looks like a fun camera.

    • Thanks Christopher. I’ve been curious about the Isolettes, but I think since I have the Speedex I’m set for Agfa/Ansco folders. I can’t recommend the Clack enough – buy one if you find one.

  3. Christopher Smith says:

    I noticed you are using Ilford Delta 400 for the above photo’s how are you finding it
    I have only ever used Ilford FP4 or Ilford HP5 plus and the very slow Ilford PanF Plus 50

    • I liked it all right. It delivered a little more grain than I thought I’d get in these shots, but when I went outside with it the photos were nearly grain free.

      I’m thinking about buying the PanF Plus 50 for use in some of my box cameras. Seems like ISO 50 would be just right for them. When I shoot ISO 100 film in them, things tend to be a little overexposed.

  4. Some nice photos of your cameras. I am kinda like you with the C3. It was nice to shoot with an old classic, however it is a clumsy camera to use. I do like the C4 though. I second your high opinion of the Clack.

  5. wow! I am in love♥…with your collection of cameras! :) who knew I had a hidden passion for old cameras? not even I did, ’till I found your blog full of goodies about cameras and what-not. Skimming through your collection page, its like..hmmm.. going through an used book store for me (love reading) and finding hidden treasures and rare volumes. I LOVE your collection page, but need lots of time to go through each one. I noticed I tend to like ( I am a “newbie” into the camera world after all) the very oldie/vintage cameras you have. I shall be back when I have nothing to do but gaze with adoration at your collection. Excellent post that one and this one.

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