A new look for Down the Road

I’ve given Down the Road a new look.

This new design sheds clutter, placing all of the spotlight onto my words and photos. The text is a little bigger, making it easier to read. And now I can make my photos larger, too. That’s really what drove this change, as my blog has become more and more about photography in the last few years.

St. Paul's Episcopal Church

I’ve also dumped some of the sidebar links and moved the rest to the bottom of the page. Frankly, hardly anybody ever clicked them anyway.

If you usually read my blog in your e-mail or via a feed reader, I encourage you to click this post’s title today and see it on the Web. My blog’s new design even works on your tablet or smart phone, sizing itself to fit your display.

I think you’ll like the new Down the Road.


10 thoughts on “A new look for Down the Road

    • Christopher Smith says:

      Doesn’t work on my default browser on my smart phone Samsung Galaxy Note I I, just get a blank page, I had to use Chrome or Firefox to see it although it looks good it used to work ok on my default browser.

      • I’m sorry you’re having trouble. The default Android browser is notoriously fickle. At the software company where I work we’ve had so much trouble with our product running on it that we just tell our customers to use Chrome.

    • Lone Primate says:

      I agree with Rachel. I love the masthead in particular. It says it all: the old roads, and the way you’re compelled down along them. Journey of life aspect, too. Could hardly be any tighter. :)

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