Captured: Abigail


Nobody wanted Abigail, so my parents took her. It helped that she is a Lab mix; they had two Labs before her and they had come to love the breed. After their last Lab, Shadow, passed a few years ago I didn’t figure they’d get another dog due to advancing age. They didn’t either, they told me, but Abigail had the agreeable nature they like in dogs, and they hated to see her go homeless.

A black-and-white dog seemed like a great subject for the black-and-white film (Kodak T-Max 100) I had in my Nikon F2. I took this photo at my parents’ home against their pale gray carpet, which placed Abigail’s head in relief.


8 thoughts on “Captured: Abigail

  1. Christopher Smith says:

    Lovely photo Jim and shes a lovely dog. I have just got a Nikon of eBay but nothing as grand as your F2, its a Nikon F401X I need to get a lens for it yet.

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