Captured: Reflected in the bulbs

Reflected in the bulbs

In the last two weeks of 2013 I shot five rolls of film: two black-and-white and three color; four 35mm and one 120. I shot my Pentax ME, my Yashica-D, my Konica Autoreflex T3, my Nikon N65, and my Nikon F2. Oh, and I also shot half a pack of film in my new old Polaroid Colorpack II, for good measure. I’ll post about that eventually. I had a great time with every camera but the N65, with which I shot my family’s Christmas celebration. They can attest to the harsh words that escaped my lips when the stupid thing wouldn’t focus or wouldn’t fire at all because it didn’t trust me to know what I was doing with the available light. Argh! Anyone want an N65? Free to a good home. Warning: it’s a dreadful camera.

The F2 trusts me. It let me shoot this shot indoors, handheld, on relatively slow T-Max 100 film. There I am, reflected in the basket of colorful glass bulbs I keep on my coffee table every Christmas. Several old cameras lie about my house awaiting their test roll, and I’ll get to them – but in 2014 I will keep film in the F2 at all times. I want to get to know it better. And so I’ll be shooting with it a lot more.


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