A stroll up Zionsville’s Main Street with a Konica Autoreflex T3

I wanted to share more of the photos I took with my Konica Autoreflex T3. I shot about half of the roll on a walk along Zionsville’s charming Main Street.

The first half of Main Street is Zionsville’s business district. I’ve been there, camera in hand, any number of times but have yet to figure out how to really capture it. I got a couple shots, though, including this one of a book shop.

Black Dog Books

I like how the T3 rendered the gritty details of this depository door. The building doesn’t host a bank anymore.


I spent more time taking photos on the residential half of Main Street. It’s lined with older homes that look to have been built between the 1850s and the 1920s. This blue house looks like one of the older ones to me.

Zionsville house

I like the looks of this bungalow a lot. I’d love to live in a home with a wide front porch. I feel nostalgia for a time I’ve never known, one where people relaxed in the evenings on the porch and chatted briefly with their neighbors who passed by on the sidewalk.

Zionsville house

Is Grey the first name of the person who built this fort? If it’s his last name, I’m almost certainly not related to him.

Grey's Fort

I smile every time I see this little library. I wonder how often books get borrowed from it.

Little library

I finished my stroll along Main Street quickly; it’s only half-mile long.

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6 responses to “A stroll up Zionsville’s Main Street with a Konica Autoreflex T3”

  1. Mike Avatar

    Making pictures in a very familiar place is always a challenge, which you have met very well in this case. A documentary approach to subjects like this may not draw a lot of attention at first, but the pictures increase in value constantly as time goes on and the subjects gradually disappear. The best local photo show I have seen in a long time is an exhibit of vernacular architecture at the Albuquerque Museum by Robert Christensen.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Mike, I have a blog post in me, yet to be written, about photographing familiar places for posterity, because they really do change. A blog post is already in the can, coming up next week or the week after, about a photo taken in the front yard of my elementary school in 1939 that shows a grove of trees on the block where the house in which I grew up stood. I first saw that photo when I was about 13 and it blew my mind.

      I wish I had taken more photographs of routine places when I was young. I would love to have them today. Thanks to Facebook, adult children from the street I lived on until I was 9 have shared old photos back and forth. That street has seen better days today, and walking it now you’d hardly recognize it.

      I keep thinking about taking pictures of the routine built environment in the area where I live. It has changed so much in the going-on-20 years I’ve lived here. It will change a great deal in the coming 20 years.

      Thanks for the link to the video. I’d love to see those photographs in person.

  2. dehk Avatar

    Looking good!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Thanks my man!

  3. Steve Miller Avatar
    Steve Miller

    I will point out that you missed Art IN Hand Gallery, the co-op where my woodworking is on display! Good job on the photos.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Thanks! Had no idea I was walking so close to greatness.

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