Captured: The bear on 56th Street

The Bear on 56th Street

The bear stands on a cliff overlooking Eagle Creek Reservoir and 56th Street. He was the mascot of the former Galyan’s sporting-goods store. Galyan’s sold to Dick’s, which donated the bear to the city, which placed the bear here.

I last photographed the bear in 2012 with my Pentax K1000. Standing on the shoulder of 56th Street armed with only a 50mm lens, the bear was pretty small in the shot. When I was noodling around with my Sears 80-200mm zoom lens on my Pentax ME at the end of last autumn, I returned for this closeup.


4 responses to “Captured: The bear on 56th Street”

  1. Steve Miller Avatar
    Steve Miller

    Toes up, like Galyans…

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Heh, yeah!

  2. zorgor Avatar

    Tell me you didn’t take this picture *just* so you could say “Captured the bear”.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Ok. I didn’t.

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