Captured: Sunset over the Interstate exit

Sunset over the Interstate exit

I went with my sons on a class trip to Chicago just before Christmas. It was stupid cold outside and the drafty school bus we rode couldn’t get warm enough, so we all shivered all the way up, all day outside on the streets of downtown Chicago, and all the way home.

Not only was I cold on the return trip, but I was bored, too. I had my Canon PowerShot S95 in my coat pocket, so I tried taking photos of the sunset through the dirty bus windows as it bumped and jostled its way down I-65 at 60 mph. It was impossible to hold the camera still. This shot turned out remarkably well, considering. It looks best at smaller sizes, because some camera shake is evident at larger sizes. But I loved the sunset’s colors that day, and was glad I got one good-enough image out of the dozen I shot.


Also check out a great
sunrise capture I made here.


10 thoughts on “Captured: Sunset over the Interstate exit

  1. Dani says:

    A magnificent sunset. God is quite the artist. From your description if the weather, it sounds as if you were there the same day as Adam.


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