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Shadows in my room
Shadows in my bedroom.

It’s my year-end tradition to highlight the year’s posts that were most read, commented, and liked.

But this year, I’d like to start with my five favorite posts from 2013. This blog is mostly about my hobbies, primarily photography and trips along old roads. But sometimes I write more serious posts about my life experiences or my faith and personal growth. I pour my heart into them. So please, if you missed any of these the first time, click through and read them now.

These five posts got the most visits this year.

These five posts gathered the most comments from you.

  • What’s a guy who still shoots film supposed to do? β€“ I asked your advice about processing my own film at home. You gave it. I still haven’t taken it.
  • 46 β€“ You wished me well on my 46th birthday.
  • Good night, Gracie β€“ You offered your condolences when my dear dog passed away. It’s been a month now, and I’m shocked by how hard it’s been to deal with this loss.
  • Death of a radio station β€“ Several people who worked at my college’s radio station, which went Internet-only this year, found my post and offered their perspective.
  • More photographer than camera collector β€“ My thoughts about photography with old cameras resonated with my like-minded readers.

You clicked “Like” most often on these five posts.

Finally, just for giggles, here are the five most popular posts of all time (going on 7 years!) on Down the Road:

  • Defending good grammar, sort of β€“ I reran this post a couple weeks ago. The original was Freshly Pressed and got more than 5,000 visits in one day.
  • Vintage TV: The CBS Late Movie β€“ Do it: search for “The CBS Late Movie” and watch this post appear in the top ten results.
  • Cameras β€“ This is the home page for my camera collection, listing all the cameras I’ve written about.
  • Kodak Junior Six-16 Series II β€“ This post about a folding camera is another top-ten search result.
  • Minolta Hi-Matic 7 β€“ This post about a rangefinder camera is another top-ten search result.


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