Roadside flowers 2013

As I travel the blue highways I love to stop to photograph the flowers blooming by the roadside. I photographed these this year.

My sons and I visited Nashville, a touristy little town in Brown County, during the summer. Flowers are planted everywhere in the downtown shopping district. This cheerful daisy grabbed my attention. I moved in close with my Canon PowerShot S95.

Nashville flower

A funeral brought me to South Bend one weekday evening. I rose early the next morning to return home so I wouldn’t miss so much work. At Sycamore Row, an abandoned, tree-lined alignment of the Michigan Road, I paused briefly to photograph it in the morning light. I had my Canon FT QL along, and used it to photograph this chicory. I didn’t know that it closed up overnight.

At Sycamore Row

Plenty of flowers greeted me at Sycamore Row. I have no idea what this is, but I liked it. Unfortunately, the petals are a bit blown out.

At Sycamore Row

Phlox is among my favorite roadside flowers. This bunch at Sycamore Row was all I saw this year, though.

At Sycamore Row

On State Road 45, with my Nikon N60 in hand, I captured this moth perched on this spent thistle.

Roadside flowers

Also along State Road 45 I found this bee pollinating whatever this flower is.

Roadside flowers

I took a friend to visit the big red bridge on Holliday Road. I had my Olympus XA along. Cars kick up lots of dust on this gravel road, covering the vegetation in a thin gray film.

By the red bridge

Finally, I found a clump of these daisies on the old brick alignment of State Road 46 in Terre Haute. My Canon PowerShot S95 struggled to focus on these. I took a bunch of shots but only this one turned out.

On an abandoned road

I find it interesting that this year, most of my roadside flower photos came from my film cameras. That’s a first.

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4 responses to “Roadside flowers 2013”

  1. Carole Avatar

    Lovely. That’s what I call “taking time to smell the flowers”. Well done.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Thanks! I barely noticed the roadside flowers before I started taking road trips and finding myself standing among them.

  2. davidvanilla Avatar

    I always enjoy your flower pictures, and these do not disappoint. First place for this batch is the moth and thistle, imo.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Thanks David! I appreciate your encouragement.

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