Captured: Inside the U.S. Capitol

Inside the U.S. Capitol

My little Kodak EasyShare Z730 is a respectable point-and-shoot digital camera. Even though I moved on to Canon PowerShot digicams several years ago, at first shooting an S80 donated by reader Lone Primate, and now a sublime S95, I still get out my Z730 from time to time. It’s a wonderful companion on a nature walk, as it captures color better than either of my Canons.

This photo is from my family’s Washington, D.C., trip in 2009. We toured the U.S. Capitol and I took this photo inside. The Z730 did all right in the available light, and did a really nice job of capturing color and detail. Unfortunately, everything inside that dome was blown out. So I just brought the image into Photoshop to blunt the effect.



6 thoughts on “Captured: Inside the U.S. Capitol

  1. N.S. Palmer says:


    But you scared me with that title. These days, it would normally mean tasered, tortured, and shipped to Gitmo. :-)


  2. I guess it show how ingrained photography is in me that I didn’t think of the other meaning of captured until someone commented about it. Glad they are still letting people take pictures inside the Capital.


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