Captured: Sunset at the park

Sunset at the park

I get so busy with my old film cameras that sometimes I forget my Canon PowerShot S95 does good work. I took it with me the other evening to Northwestway Park, where I met a friend for a stroll as the sun set. Northwestway is a suburban park surrounded by cul-de-sac subdivisions. It’s where youth play organized soccer on Indianapolis’s Northwestside.

Thanks to encouragement from my old friend Michael I’ve been experimenting with shooting my S95 in aperture-priority (Av) mode rather than in fully automatic mode. Setting up Av mode is slower and less intuitive than on any of my old film cameras, but then the screen shows exactly what I’m going to get, so I call it a fair tradeoff. I shot this with my lens zoomed to a 50mm equivalent, with “film speed” at ISO 80, for 1/200 sec. at f/3.2, with exposure bumped up by a third of a stop. The S95 packs an f/2 lens, but when it’s zoomed from its 24mm default to 50mm, f/3.2 is as wide as it opens.

Another favorite digital photo is of a rainy evening, from my deck. See it here.


7 responses to “Captured: Sunset at the park”

  1. gaycarboys Avatar

    I wish I understood how to get shots like this with my new powershot. the setting in manual confound me utterly

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Hm. I know for us guys, reading the manual is like admitting defeat. I figured it out on my own on my S90.

  2. gaycarboys Avatar

    i love sunset shots. I can never ge tthem right, nor any shots into the sun. I looked through the manual for the “miniature” affect and i quite like it but the rest may as well be in Arabic

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      This is the first sunset shot I ever took that turned out.

  3. gaycarboys Avatar

    I don’t feel so bad now. My old canon had a sunset setting which could be used for lots of sun stuff. It wasn’t too bad. Have a look at the first shot. It’s the very first set of pics I took with the new camera.

  4. pesoto74 Avatar

    I just read the specs on that camera and it sounds like a good one. I wonder if digital has reached a point in the last few years where it is good enough and it won’t be so easy to get people to upgrade.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I am still charmed by new gear but really my S95 does so well it makes me reluctant to upgrade.

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