Finally appreciating autumn

Work has been consuming me lately and it’s left me with less time to write. It’s time for my annual meditation on autumn, but this year I’m getting this 2010 post out of the archives and running it again.

The coming of autumn has always made me grumpy. It means winter is around the corner, and I hate winter. But my ill temper was no match for last year’s drop-dead gorgeous autumn. It made me realize that all my life, as soon as the temperatures cooled and the leaves turned, winter began in my mind. Living in the future, I missed the joys of the present.

I trace my anti-winter bias to my kidhood. Autumn meant returning to school, relegating summer’s fun to memory. It’s funny how our youthful attitudes can linger long past their usefulness, but I still feel free in the summer and burdened in the winter. I’d rather wear shorts and T-shirts than layer sweaters and heavy coats. I’d rather mow the lawn than shovel the driveway (especially after shoveling my way out of the Blizzard of ’78). I’d rather open the windows than turn on the heat (and pay the bill).

But I’m finally able to enjoy autumn’s beauty, and it’s great.

Autumn at Turkey Run

My newfound appreciation of autumn can’t supplant my love of spring and summer. I will probably always feel a little sad the first day I have to wear a jacket and the first evening I drive home from work in the dark. But maybe I’ll accept these changes more easily now.

I am still going to hate winter, though!

One of the most satisfying photos I’ve taken is of an autumn sunrise. See it here.


4 responses to “Finally appreciating autumn”

  1. Brandon Campbell Avatar
    Brandon Campbell

    Funny, I’m the exact opposite! I hate summer because I feel too hot to do much outside, I just want to sit around in the air conditioning all day, so fall gets me excited about the coming winter. I’d rather feel too cold than too hot, because if I’m cold I can put more clothes on, increase my physical activity, drink some coffee or something, but when I get hot, there’s a limit to how much clothes I can take off.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      My son is just like you. He loves this weather!

  2. davidvanilla Avatar

    I think Autumn may be the most beautiful season; and yet winter follows. And to what you said in the last statement, I say a hearty “amen.”

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Spring has its definite charms, but Autumn’s beauty is hard to deny.

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