Photography, Road Trips

Captured: Red house

Bean Blossom, IN

My recent State Road 45 excursion started in the little town of Beanblossom (or Bean Blossom, if you prefer). If you like bluegrass music, you probably recognize it as the home of the Bill Monroe Music Park. There’s not much more to Beanblossom. But this great little red building stands on the northwest corner of Beanblossom’s main drag, State Road 135, where it intersects with State Road 45.

I recently added a Nikon N60 to my camera collection and it was along for the ride. As a modern auto-everything film SLR, it’s not the kind of thing I normally buy. But I couldn’t resist the good deal I was offered, and it made for easy shooting on this this perfectly sunny day. A couple rolls of expired Kodak Gold 200 film came with the camera, so I plopped one in and off I went. Rather than shooting the probably lousy Quantaray zoom lens that came with the camera, I attached the AF Nikkor 28-80mm lens from my similar Nikon N65.



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